Yeah, except we’re supposed to be (somehow) evolved human beings…


Yeah, except we’re supposed to be (somehow) evolved human beings with the lovely ability to make our own (hopefully compassionate) choices, loaded up on empathy (usually). We don’t have to, so why should we? Plus we’re not cave men, or bears, or lions – filling up on animal protein literally kills us slowly. Consuming other animals breast milk, cholesterol, fat and hormones creates most of the health issues in the countries we live in, dig around and learn about it, it’s actually mind boggiling. As for the ecosystem, our planet is literally dying so. Our oceans are sick and emptier every day because of commercial over fishing and pollution, our rain forests are being chopped down to make room for farming, so no. The shitty state of our earth is proof humans need to step way, way, down off that pedestal. Coexist. Plus there’s nothing natural about buying disease and stress ridden meat at the grocery store. There’s no comparison, and it’s cool you “respect” my being vegan, but that doesn’t do much for anyone, including yourself. I’d do some research on the whole “executing them fast enough so they don’t feel much pain is normal.” thing too, surprisingly enough animals don’t walk around on a bright green pasture, walk into a barn, smiling, then pop out in a freshly packaged meat package, like in the commercials. Youtubes full of videos, if you want to see sentient animals literally fighting for their lives on dirty bloodied slaughterhouses floors, if you wanna check them out! because that’s where your meat comes from, in reality. Veganism isn’t just about animals. It’s about human issues (there’s a lot of them that tie in with animal agriculture) and our planet, too. I don’t mean to sound shitty but, c’mon, I can’t get down with people trying to make excuses for cruelty in any form, uninformed or not. You’re not being attacked, it’s just the wording that rubs me way wrong. If you want any information let me know.


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