Top 5 Healthy Home Cooked Recipes for Your Toddler


Kids are very choosy when it comes to food. They don’t like to eat the same thing everyday, they seek variety. My toddler never likes repetitive menu, she wants innovative recipes that taste yummy. Here are a few simple ways of experimenting with cereals, fruits and vegetables so that your child eats nutritious and healthy food each day.• Oats porridge sweet / salty– Oats is extremely rich in protein and helps in your child’s growth. If your toddler has a sweet tooth, boil the oats in cow milk and add some sugar. You can add some jaggery for a change. Similarly, you can make an oats upma with slight ginger, tomato onion, a pinch of turmeric and salt.

• Semolina /sooji – You can make sooji ka halwa, a sweet made by roasting the sooji with ghee, and adding sugar to it along with water. Alternatively, you can make upma with green peas, carrots, and other vegetables. This provides your child with complete nutrition.

• Banana shake – For those children who refuse to eat banana, its best to make them a glass of cool and yummy banana shake in a blender. Banana is a rich source of carbohydrate and minerals.

• Vegetable khichdi – Mix lentils and rice in a bowl and wash it properly. Put it in a pressure cooker, and add sweet potato, carrots, french beans, beet root. Add little ginger, cumin seeds, asaoeftida, salt, turmeric and water. Allow everything to cook uptil four whistles and serve it hot with a dollop of ghee.

• Fresh Fruit and vegetable juices – Orange, lemon, pineapple juices are good sources of Vitamins. You can also try papaya, beet root carrot or pomegranate juices.

If you try the above recipes, you can be rest assured about your little one’s well being and overall development. Its always better to cook fresh things at home then buying contaminated food from outside


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