They’re both bad for you. I can say out of the two dairy is the…


They’re both bad for you. I can say out of the two dairy is the far more unnatural one, though. I’m not saying meat is natural for us, but i’m just being honest in saying consuming dairy is the weirdest and grossest thing, man. Besides being wildly bizarre and nasty to drink a different species breast milk, dairy’s insanely unhealthy (likely because it’s not fucking meant for humans in the first place) it’s linked to so so many heath issues, more than most people even connect in their heads because we’re not informed – from cancers to acne to osteoporosis. Many think it’s just the hormones but it’s also the casein / proteins. Animal protein is extremely detrimental to our health – look at the regions who consume the most of it and look at the illnesses and compare. Doctors don’t study nutrition and will throw some pills at you before suggesting you stop eating other animals cholesterol, hormones, fat and stress though but $$$.
Anyways – try Chao cheese, It’s the best. You can always start back slowly, try cutting things back out and replacing them. Can take a look at my ask on how to go vegan, lots of stuff in there – also in my facts page. 


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