Great Sandwich Recipes that your Family will Love

Is there anything any better than great sandwich recipes?

When we go out and seek knowledge about food history in order to impress our foodie friends, we must first acknowledge one fact. And that is the fact that countless combinations of bread and pastry which were filled with delicious meats and cheeses and were further dressed with the favored condiments of the day have been eaten and enjoyed since ancient times. Most Food historians will usually attribute the invention of the first sandwich to a dude named John Montagu, who was 4th Earl of Sandwich. It is believed that this Englishman was very fond of gambling and other games of chance. As the legend goes, in the year 1762, and in the middle of a 24 hour gambling streak he asked a cook to prepare his meal in a way that so that it wouldn’t interfere with the game he was playing. The cook then fixed for him a piece of sliced meat that was wedged in between two slices of toast. This was absolutely perfect as the meal required no utensils at all and was able to be eaten with only one hand, while leaving the other hand free to keep playing the game. The sad part about the story is that the name of actual inventor of the first sandwich (who was obviously that cook who created it in the first place) was never known or remembered for posterity.

And to make matters worse sometimes, sandwiches recipes were hardly ever recorded in cookbooks because so many of them were thrown together. And in England they were only seen to be restaurant food and not useful in homes. And in America, colonial cooks did not like to imitate British culinary trends. It wasn’t until long after the War of 1812 that Americans began using the term “sandwich”.

The big difference between early English and American sandwiches was that England preferred using beef in their sandwiches, while Americans preferred using ham. It really came down to which meat was more available.

Check out these great sandwich recipes and watch you family love you more:

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