Easy Pasta Recipes for the Busy Lifestyle

Everyone loves having several easy pasta recipes to use in a pinch when life gets crazy. Busy families often fall back to these kinds of recipes when they need to throw something tasty together for dinner at the end of a hectic day.

I can remember when I was a kid and my mom would fill the crock pot with the ingredients for some delicious pasta sauce. She would add onions, tomatoes, mushroom, tomato sauce, and often add several ground meats like beef, pork, and turkey.

After we got home, the house was full of aroma from the simmering pasta sauce that had been slow cooking all day. Mom would then begin boiling some linguine or angel hair pasta. She would have either me or my sister to begin grating some Parmesan cheese.

Mom would then slice some French bread and cover the slices with grated cheese, garlic, and butter. She would then toast these.

All of this would come together about the time my Dad got home. The four of us would then sit down for a delicious pasta meal – where our pasta was smothered with delicious flavorful pasta sauce and we had a nice crunchy piece of garlic bread to go alone with it.

This is why easy pasta recipes are so popular among busy families. Listed below are some more wonderful pasta recipes to add to your meal rotation:

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