3 Delicious Dessert Taco Recipes

Have you ever used one of these delicious dessert taco recipes?

Let’s face it, a great dessert alternative to serve your loved ones who have a sweet tooth are some tasty dessert tacos. The great thing about making these tacos is that they are actually lots of fun to make and they can be endlessly customized with different flavors and wonderful ingredients – depending on one’s own preference. Feel free to dress these dessert tacos up in any way that you and your family would like because the flavor combinations are indeed infinite.

If you like to make homemade ice cream cones, then you can transfer that knowledge and experience directly into delicious dessert taco recipes. This is true because you can use the same batter that created your homemade ice cream cones for making your dessert tacos as well.

To make one of the wonderful Dessert Tacos, there is no need at all for any type of special equipment such as a waffle maker or anything. You can just use any type of nonstick pan and griddle. Most people simply shape them using something like a wooden spoon. You simply lay the cooked shell on the spoon handle and then fold it over very gently keeping it open in order to be able to stuff your delicious fillings inside the shell. It actually sounds very simple – and it is simple, but it is probably the most difficult part of most dessert taco recipes.

Check out the 3 Delicious Dessert Taco recipes:

Best Apple Pie Tacos Recipe — How To Make Apple Pie Tacos

https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a22127755/apple-pie-tacos-recipe/Don’t be intimidated by the frying! The video is no lie — it’s actually as easy as it looks. Once the tortilla hits the hot oil, it crisps up and keeps it shape quickly. Just know you’ll need to use your tongs pretty much the whole time. Best Apple Pie Tacos Recipe — How To Make Apple Pie Tacos


Ultimate Dessert Taco – Eat More Chocolate Eat More Chocolate

http://www.eatmorechocolate.com/recipe/ultimate-dessert-taco/By Eat More Chocolate Team  Miscellaneous  Cindo De Mayo, Everyday. Fried ice cream and cinnamon sugar shells come together for the ultimate dessert taco. Scoop out 6 medium scoops of ice cream. Place on a waxed paper lined sheet. In a small bowl, toss together cookie crumbs and cornflakes. Roll the ice cream scoops in the crumb mixture. In a bowl, beat eggs and 2 tbsp sugar. Dip ice cream scoops in egg, then roll in crumb mixture. Ultimate Dessert Taco – Eat More Chocolate Eat More Chocolate

Cheesecake Dessert Tacos (No Bake Cheesecake)

https://www.spendwithpennies.com/cheesecake-dessert-tacos/The shells of these dessert tacos are made from tortillas cut with a round cookie cutter and fried crisp and dusted with graham crumbs.  If you prefer you can dip them in cinnamon sugar after frying (just like I did with my Apple Pie Tacos) or not dip them at all.  The crumbs are yummy and taste great but they are a bit messy…  I personally go for flavor and then sweep if I need to. 🙂  They only take about 20 seconds each to make and can be made days ahead of time. Cheesecake Dessert Tacos (No Bake Cheesecake)