Some Awesome Beignet Recipes

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The long tradition of enjoying beignets goes all the way back to Ancient Roman times, even though the method of frying foods goes even further back in history. There is written history that refers to the ancient Greeks who fried many of their foods in olive oil throughout the 5th century BC, and several other cultures formulated their own frying techniques as well. The very term beignet can actually refer to two varieties which depend on the kind of pastry. The French-style beignet is found in the United States, and refers specifically to deep-fried choux pastry. Beignets are also made from yeast pastry, which are called boules de Berlin in French, and this refers to Berliner doughnuts that are shaped like a ball (so they don’t have the usual doughnut hole) and are filled with jam or fruit.

In country of Corsica, their beignets are made using chestnut flour are called fritelli. Donuts (doughnuts) in Quebec and throughout Canada are called either Beigne or Beignet in French.

Beignets are generally seen in New Orleans as a breakfast product that is comes with powdered sugar on top. They are generally made right before they are eaten so that they are hot and fresh. Different versions of this fried dough are found in different cuisines internationally. However, the term beignet comes from the French. In the United States, the beignet has become especially popular in the New Orleans Creole cuisine and is served as desserts or some other sweet variation. They were introduced to city of New Orleans during the 1700’s by French colonists, who came from “the old mother country”, who also ushered in much of the Creole cooking style. Interestingly, beignets were officially declared the  state doughnut for Louisiana in 1986.

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Easy Beignet Recipe – How to Make Beignets have never actually eaten a beignet at Cafe du Monde but Portland use to have a small New Orleans inspired cafe that I loved and that made amazing beignets but unfortunately they have closed down. When Tessa was in town a month or so ago we went on a beignet hunt. There are a couple of food carts here that make them but much to our disappointment neither cart was open the day we went looking. Easy Beignet Recipe – How to Make Beignets

Classic Beignets Recipe | King Arthur Flour cross-referenced ten other examples of beignets, and they all specify frying directly from the fridge, so I don’t believe this is incorrect. They really pop up if the oil is hot enough, and much of the sweetness comes from the powdered sugar on the top. If you’d like to call the Hotline, we can offer other suggestions to make the perfect fried dough. Laurie@KAF Classic Beignets Recipe | King Arthur Flour

New Orleans Beignets Recipe – Southern Living you’ve never been to New Orleans, you can still get a taste of its cuisine with our recipe for New Orleans Beignets from scratch, the official state doughnut of Louisiana. New Orleans Beignets Recipe – Southern Living