3 Amazing New Strawberry Cookie Recipes

We know that you would love some amazing new strawberry cookie recipes? Because – who wouldn’t? Right?

So you are wondering exactly why you should offer your guests – or your kid’s guests – some strawberry cookies. And you are probably even wondering if you have ever even had these cookies before. Well, those are some very legitimate concerns and we need to address that. So let us examine some great reasons why you should use these strawberry cookie recipes and better yet, why you should serve them to your guests?

The first great reason for serving cookies of the strawberry persuasion is because this makes you stand out from the crowd. Everyone offers chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal cookies, and even peanut butter cookies. So if you decide to make a batch of strawberry cookies and when everyone loves them – as everyone always does – then you will most certainly stand out among all the other cookie servers.

Another great reason for serving strawberry cookies is because they will make a big splash visually. Let’s face it, all other cookies pretty much look alike for the most part. When you unveal your red or pink strawberry cookies, everyone will take notice and immediately ask about them. This is because few people have ever seen them before.

Finally, the last great reason for serving these cookies is because their fresh new flavor is welcome at most gatherings because everyone else brings the usual suspects like the cookie flavors we mentioned earlier. People will remember you and your amazing new tasting cookies.

Check out these 3 amazing new strawberry cookie recipes:


https://butterwithasideofbread.com/strawberry-cake-mix-cookies/Three kitchen items make these cookies come together really fast. I actually use these items in nearly every cookie recipe I make, so they’re quite versatile. First, I line my cookie sheets with a piece of parchment paper. They’re sold in sizes that fit a 12×16 cookie sheet perfectly and enable to cookies to bake well without sticking- and no mess from spraying oil on the cookie sheets! STRAWBERRY CAKE MIX COOKIES – Butter with a Side of Bread

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

http://www.littledairyontheprairie.com/strawberry-cheesecake-cookies/A Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie rolled in Valentines sprinkles is the perfect thing to share with a few of our widow and widower neighbors for Valentines this year! I think they will love these cookies as much as I did! Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies – Easy – Little Dairy On the Prairie

Easy Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

http://divascancook.com/easy-strawberry-shortcake-cookies-recipe/It’s the kind my grandmother makes and I swear to beans these strawberry shortcake cookies tastes exactly like it omg! It seems like cheating that I can get my strawberry shortcake fix in these simple, one-bowl cookies but I’m not complaining! Easy Strawberry Shortcake Cookies | Divas Can Cook