Selecting the Proper Healthy Eating Plan


There’s an old saying that you become what you eat. It only takes a day or two of observing various people to realize that this adage is right on the money. The state of our bodies and our health status is a direct result of what we eat.

After considering such an evaluation and actually seeing it occur in our everyday lives, doesn’t it just make sense to adjust our diet plans to serve us better? Why not begin eating meals and foods that support a healthy life and keep us at the top of our game? When thinking about eating plans, I began to scout around and found some different eating plans that may be of great interest to those of you out there.


healthy eating planEating plan claims to shut down cravings, boost metabolism | Sun Journal  – The weight-loss industry has long been saturated with gimmicky, too-good-to-be-true diets, so one could be excused for thinking the main benefit of “Eat Fat, Get Thin” is to burn calories by causing particularly vigorous eye-rolling.

Actually, the answer is a big, fat no, at least according to Mark Hyman, director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and the man behind the “Eat Fat, Get Thin” plan. He is also, apropos of this moment, a key medical adviser to Hillary and Bill Clinton, but in a recent phone interview, I found him as silent on that topic (citing potential HIPAA violations) as he was expansive on the benefits of healthy fats.


7 healthy eating tips to make sure you feel great in that LBD this Christmas –   – Welcome to the weight-loss food plan for our LBD challenge. I will be advising on your meals for the next six weeks in order to complement Siobhan’s exercise plan and give you the best chance at getting in shape. Here are your food rules to get you started

Unsurprisingly, increasing the amount of fruits and non-starchy vegetables that you eat was shown to help with weight loss. A study followed the dietary habits and weight changes of over 100,000 people for up to 24 years. They showed that for each extra daily serving of vegetables and fruit you eat, you’ll lose a half to a quarter of a pound respectively over a four-year period.

Meal prep: Planning can help maintain a healthy diet  – HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) – Maintaining a healthy diet can sometimes be challenging, but health experts are recommending an easier way to prepare your meals. Imagine having your breakfast and lunches already prepared for the week ahead. Well, that’s what personal wellness coach, Lisa Liimatta, and her clients do.

It’s called “meal prep” and Liimatta said it’s a trending way to stay fit. Meal prepping is having you meals cooked, kept in the fridge and available as soon as you’re ready to eat.


The healthy daily meal plan that EVERYONE should be eating: Nutritional guru loved by Sam Smith and Victoria Beckham shares her secrets | Daily Mail Online  –  The nutritional therapist, who penned healthy eating bible Cook. Nourish.Glow and is getting set to release a new book, has shared what she deems to be the healthiest daily diet.

Amelia says that when she plans her daily meals, she starts by focusing on the vegetables – even at breakfast – then she ensures that she adds in a portion of protein and some healthy fats. Here, she shares her daily meal plan….


It is recommended that we try a few of these healthy eating plans and evaluate the effect after about 3 weeks. It is most likely that we will enjoy the results immensely. There is no doubt that our bodies will enjoy the outcome very much.



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