7 Tips That Made My Paleo Diet Plan a Great Success


paleo diet plan

A Paleo Diet Plan? Oh no, not another diet!! How many of those had I tried? And most of them didn’t seem to live up to what they promised – or maybe I didn’t follow them well enough. Either way the results were the same.

My Vicious Food Cycle

When I tried diets in the past, after a few weeks, I was back to eating the same crap food I’d always eaten. It seemed that my eating habits were driven by this terrible food cycle that I had fought most of my adult life. Perhaps you are familiar with it? Or maybe you have your own version. Here’s mine:

  • Step 1 – Craving food
  • Step 2 – Eating lots of foods I love
  • Step 3 – Feeling physically horrible because the foods weren’t healthy
  • Step 4 – Feeling emotionally horrible because I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again
  • Step 5 – RINSE and REPEAT .. over and over again

The real problem was as I got older, the intensity of my food cycle only increased.  I craved food more and more. It made me feel physically worse and worse. And I gained more and more weight.

Then I Tried Many Types of Diets

So then the dieting began, this diet and that diet – none seemed to get me out of the rut I was in with my eating. Sometimes I would enjoy some short term success, but for me, most of these diets only created an intense craving within me.

So when I jumped off the wagon and quit the diet, I ate MORE because the cravings had gotten so intense and overwhelming. So in the end, I often gained more weight .. that really sucked.

I Needed Two Things From A Diet Plan

I finally realized that my diet needed to give me two things if I were to have any success of losing weight and becoming healthy again:

Eliminate Cravings – My meals had to have a good balance because I’d learned that being deprived of certain foods did not work for me. It only created horrible cravings that I could not seem to control after a while.

Great Tasting Food – My diet plan had to give me that I loved because I LOVE FOOD. Most of us who are fighting weight problems have that in common, we love to eat. Therefore, the food I eat must be satisfying. This was not an option.

A New Dieting Approach

One evening, I was at a dinner party and met this interesting lady. She was beautiful and had a healthy glow to her. Her demeanor stood out above everything else – and she was in great physical condition.

After meeting her, I learned that was 10 years OLDER than me!! I couldn’t believe it!!

She was also very knowledgeable about food. What really surprised me was that the tastiest dish at the party was her dish. As I talked to her about it, I commented that I loved her dish but didn’t want to eat too much because of my weight.

To this, she replied, “Oh no, Katy. You can eat as much of that as you want. It won’t hurt your weight.”

I found out that she had been on the Paleo diet plan for several years. She had experienced no cravings, there were no short term eating plans, and best of all – the meals were delicious!

Learning More About Paleo

I went home and began researching more and more about the Paleo diet plan. I’d heard of it, but for some reason, had never had the interest of finding out more – until now.

I learned that it was based on how we humans ate thousands of years ago when we were hunters and gathers. This is our “natural” way of eating. The diet focuses on lean meats, veggies, nuts, berries, and so forth.

The more I read, the more I was convinced to give it a try. At a glance, it seemed to be the very thing that I was looking for. I noticed that the plan encourages the consumption of natural fats – which helps take away cravings and makes your food more satisfying.

When I read that – I was ALL IN!!

About 3 months later, I had dropped 32 pounds … and as they say, the rest is history

So Here Are My 7 Tips that Made My Paleo Diet a Success

1 – Have a “Go To” Food – After you learn what foods you should eat on the Paleo diet, pick one of those foods that you absolutely love. This is your comfort food that you will eat most often.

For me, I loved cauliflower rice. I would grind cauliflower in my food processor and keep it in zip lock bags in my fridge. When I needed one, I would put a bag in my microwave for about 3-4 minutes (open the bag a little for venting, of course). I would put sauces or butter over it in a bowl, sometimes I would put meats and veggies in there, or sometimes I would stir fry the cauliflower rice with eggs and peas and carrots in a skillet.

2 – Plan Your Meals Every Week and Retain Those Weekly Plans – Any diet should work from a solid weekly plan. And those plans need to be prepared ahead of time. I always make my meal plan on Saturday and then make my grocery list on Sunday.

I encourage you to keep all your weekly plans because there will be times when life gets in the way and it’s hard sometimes to sit down and make a fresh meal plan. This is when you look back over previous meal plans and select the meals you liked before. This has saved my butt many times – otherwise, you will not stick to the diet that week – trust me on this.

3 – Add a New Recipe or Two Every Week – This tip is very important. You will need to keep a variety of new dishes coming through your kitchen. We humans do have a habit of getting bored at times and we need different things in our lives to spice things up. This is especially true with our food.

4 – Don’t Try to be Perfect – The Paleo Diet is not a diet that requires overthinking. You don’t need the precision of counting calories or points. Just try to stay within the general guidelines. Yes, you will occasionally eat something that is questionable. Don’t worry about it and just keep doing your best.

You will discover that over time, you will naturally begin to exert better and better control over what you eat. And you will become more and more selective – that’s another bonus you get down the road!

5 – Find a Paleo Snack That Will Substitute Your Favorite Snack – As we discussed in tip 1, you also need a “go to” snack as well for the same reasons. You need to enjoy your foods and your snacks. For this reason, find that Paleo snack that you love and keep plenty of it around.

For me, my “go to” snack was simply splitting a banana and spreading almond butter over it. If you try this, then you will discover that spreading almond butter over a banana is not a terribly easy to do – you have to “gob it” on there.

6 – Expect a Setback or Two – This is expected. There are a few people who religiously stick to the plan, but most of us will wonder off the path occasionally. This happens, so don’t worry about it – just get back on the path and do your best. It sort of goes back to what we said in top 4 – nobody’s perfect!

7 – When Dining Out, Get as Close as You Can and Don’t Worry about it – All of us will have to face being out and eating at restaurants, or office parties, picnics, etc. You reach a point where you instinctively know what types of food are available to you, but often times, there will be dishes that have something about them that do not comply to Paleo guidelines. Just get as close as you can.

Trying a Paleo Diet Plan

If you are interested, I have reviewed a very popular Paleo Diet Plan. Click on the link below if you would like to learn more:

>>>> READ MORE about this PALEO DIET PLAN <<<<

I hope that you decide to make the Paleo Diet plan your choice. I can tell you that it has been a Godsend for me. I cannot recommend it enough – because it has so much flexibility and offers a ton of great food.

I truly believe it was become the prominent eating lifestyle in our nation. Thanks for reading!


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