Making Some Awesome Bento Box Lunches for School

Hey, I am back with more Bento ideas. This time, it’s more substantial, and it’s perfect for your lunch. Actually, I’m gonna call this bento brainfood for back to school. It’s perfect because it has healthy carbs, protein and veggies for a balanced meal to keep you going when you’re back in class and trying to ace those tests.

First, I’m gonna lay down some lettuce leaves, and then, scoop on some piping hot brown rice. Next, I’ll layer on my lemongrass grilled pork. Oh, so good. So, I didn’t go through all the details on how to make each of these recipes, because I have them all. I have a library of about 300 plus videos, and I thought I would just link it to you guys for more in-depth tutorial. I will leave them in the description box below. Then, I’ll add some pickled daikon and carrots some tomato slices, and ome cucumber hearts. For a little more flavor, I’m gonna place a container of our fish sauce dipping sauce. This is how you traditionally eat this. It’s called nc mm chm.

I’m gonna cap it. Look how colorful this bento box is. And put a lid on it. So, when you’re ready to enjoy your bento, you can have it at room temperature which is what I normally do and it’s totally fine. Or, you can transfer everything to a plate and nuke it in the microwave for about a minute, and once it’s hot, you just pour over the fish sauce and enjoy. Easy peasy, right? Alright, now, moving on to our next one. This is for all my vegan viewers who have been asking for a vegan recipe. This one is a teriyaki tofu that is so delicious. I’m starting with some mixed greens that I lay down. Add a couple scoops of brown rice, then I have a skewer of grilled tofu. I just marinated the tofu in my homemade teriyaki sauce which I showed you guys how to do it in my 5 DIY marinades video, which I will also link in the description box below. Now, some fresh veggies. I have some snow peas. These are so sweet and yummy. Some broccoli florets, baby cherry tomatoes, and of course, some cucumber carrot flowers.