Making Avocado Toast Breakfast

Let’s see what’s on the radio (Dance dance revolution, you swag Corinne) What up internet? Corinne here and you’re watching Corinne vs. Cooking I have actually been out of town and- I was a slacker and didn’t do a video last week. I feel really bad about it because Rob stepped in like the champion that he is, and he’s pretty tired so I want to do something nice for him. I’m going to go to the store right now and pick up all the ingredients that I need to make him Breakfast in bed! And you know what his favorite thing to eat is? You’re going to be surprised by this- Avacado toast yeah I know You’re probably like “Wow, this video is going to be f*cking exciting.” I’m not just going to make avocado toast no we can’t do that here on this show I’m going to make the most beautiful f*cking avocado toast you’ve ever seen in your life.

Hopefully. I saw this lady’s post on instagram and she makes some amazing stuff I’m pretty impressed by it. So, I’m going to try to emulate that. Plus, she lives in Amsterdam so I’m pretty much sure she is high all the time because why else would you make avocado toast that looks like this? High as f*ck. Let’s get started, shall we? Step one: drive to the store- do not cross right now- no, no, no, no- why is she crossing right there? And this f*cking person, if- turn signal! Oh, my Lanta! Road rage? I don’t have road rage! I’m very calm! Step two: go shopping! Bags? Check! Germs? In check! That’s right- no zombie virus happening to me today.

Hm, the avocados are not really looking ripe enough but, I was told that if you put them in a brown paper bag they ripen faster, so- the more you know. Avocados? Check! Ooh, hip milk! Now we just need some delicious bread and boom! This rosemary bread is actually Rob’s favorite bread in the whole wide world! So, getting that! It’s all about Rob today! I think I got everything we need. Step two accomplished! Now I’m heading to a place called Hickory Nut Gap Farm to pick up some eggs because I want to make this breakfast EGGStra special. This farm is truly care-free and free range all of their animals are ethically raised it’s not too far away from my house and it makes me so happy! Are you ready? Are you ready for it? You get to see the chickens and the little goats and all the little piggies.

Oh, my goodness! So cute! Winning! You’re a good goat. Well, we’re best friends now. Goat selfie! A “goat-fie,” if you will. Bye! Hashtag: wish this was my farm. Thanks Hickory Nut Gap! Alright, time to get that prep done. I’m pretty sure Rob should be working right now in the workshop room so not going to see me with all this stuff. Shhh! Alrighty, made it home! The f*ck is this? You know how terrible this stuff is for you? Nope! You in here? Rob: Uh huh What are you doing? Rob: working How much longer you got? Rob: How f*cking long is a piece of string? Alrighty then so you’re going to be in here a while? Rob: yeah Okay see ya later! Rob: okay weirdo. Okay, so tonight I am going to prep as much as I can so I don’t have to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow.

First, I am pickling red onions in some red wine vinegar agave syrup and sesame seeds. Boom! In the fridge that goes! Rob loves fresh squeezed orange juice so I’m going to sit here and hand squeeze some orange juice for him. This is a f*cking work out, holy sh*t! And he also hates pulp so I gotta strain this sh*t. And you know what? This is how much juice you get from juicing this many oranges. Totally, worth it. Moving on! I saw this video the other day by Julia on HGTV Handmade and I thought it was so effing cute so I got us a cantaloupe and I have this bat-shaped cookie cutter that I think is going to really be an awesome way to start the day. Who doesn’t want to think of Batman when they wake up in the morning? Unfortunately, my bat cookie cutter is too big for the cantaloupe so, apparently, no we CANT-aloupe.

But that’s alright, I have a melon baller! Because only cool people have melon ballers. Next, I made some coffee in the French press. Rob hates drinking hot liquids so, I have to transfer this to a pitcher add some agave syrup then add that mixture to an ice cube tray this one will do the job nicely and, they’re shaped like coffee beans. It doesn’t get better than that. I also added some of this coconut based, dairy-free milk and then put it in the fridge. Last thing I want to do to prep today is to test out an avocado flower.

It actually seems pretty easy all you gotta do is cut open an avocado very carefully, because your knife is super sharp, then you just scoop it out with a spoon like this. This isn’t my first avocado rodeo. Okay, then you very carefully slice the avocado into thin slices making sure everything stays in its little place and lastly you just shape it into a flower-like situation. I think this avocado is a little too ripe, actually It’s one I already had before I went shopping so I think this will work better with the not as ripe avocados that I have for tomorrow. Just going to douse this with some lemon and put it away for later use. Feeling pretty confident at this point. Going to leave the rest for tomorrow take this sh*t out to the compost like an earth goddess.

I think I need to be paying a little bit more attention to this compost situation. Shh! It’s too early for that! Yeah, okay so the first thing on the agenda is to go searching for some edible flowers. I’m thinking these have probably been peed on more than once and by more than one animal. Yeah. These however, are ripe for the picking. out, so nervous this is my neighbor’s house they’re totally home too. Just going to do it. It’s hot out there. Got it though. Next thing I’m going to do is cut up some mango. Kinda hard to cut mango. Now, I’m adding the mango to the blender with some blueberries some banana this coconut based diary alternative and bam! Breakfast smoothie. Next, I am toasting the bread and then I’m just going to fry one of my beautiful little eggs in some coconut oil.

This pan, by the way, is the best for frying a single egg. Love this pan! Now I am adding some of this local jam to one of the pieces of toast and some of Rob’s favorite mayonnaise to this other piece of toast Looking good! Next I am hoping that with a mixture of the pickled onion that we made yesterday and the failed avocado flower. Okay, woo! Everything is coming together! It gets really stressful at this point trying to make an avocado flower for the jam slice and I think this avocado is a little too ripe. It’s not really turning into a flower formation, so I’m going to abort that mission and just do this situation which is still very pretty and when I add the flower on top for its amazing. Lastly, just going to put the egg on top of the other piece with a little bit of my favorite piranha and yeah, this looks pretty dang good.

Wait. I think I’m missing something. Oh, yeah, the coffee. Just gotta get a glass real quick Wait, hold on. Where are all of my wine glasses? Please, don’t tell me they are in the dishwasher! I’ve told him a million times they can’t go in the dishwasher. That’s how they break. Oh, hell no. F*ck. My grandma gave us these wine glasses. I like dining al fresco. This looks delicious! All for me.

This is good. Cheers. This is good. Oh, yeah! Coffee is coursing through my veins! Yum. Let’s try this egg toast. Oh, my god. It’s delicious. Rob: what the f*ck is that? Oh, hey! Rob: what the f*ck? How’d you sleep? Rob: good, that looks f*cking delicious! What is that? Breakfast, I worked pretty hard on it. Rob: is that cantaloupe? Uh huh, it’s really good too. Rob: did you make me any? I left yours in on the counter in there.

Rob: awesome! The avocado with the jam is the jam! You knew that joke was coming. Rob: is that it? Yep, that’s your breakfast. You like Wonderbread so much. Uh huh, every time I go out of town this f*cking bread. Plus, where are my wine glasses? Rob: They’re in the dishwasher. No, no. Yeah, bye! Rob: I love Wonderbread. Enjoy it, I know I’m enjoying myself! Ah! That was uncalled for. Oh, hell no! Alrighty then I think that is it for this week.

I really don’t know what the point of this video was but hopefully you learned something. I had a good time. Make sure to leave a comment below saying which projects you want to see on the show because otherwise you’re getting sh*t like avocado toast. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button like up this video and I’ll see you later! I love you, bye!.

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