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So today, we are going to call into question a very basic skill in the kitchen. Something that has been established for years, and yet here we are. Chopping an onion is a task no sane cook would ever question. Oh, what have I done again. Basically, I want to see if I can improve my onion cutting skills. Like, can I chop faster? Can I chop with less cuts? Can I just be more efficient when I chop an onion? I think there is only one way to find out. So, we’ve got loads of things to do. First, we need to review our options. Then, we need to see where I stand. This is a bit frightening, this one. And then, how I can improve myself. And then, just do it! Anyway, let’s just go and get the resources we need. Yeah! Let the crying begin.

Proper. So now we have acquired a lot onions for the educational. We can fail miserably fail a few times. And now I endorse that we from the very, very core. From the very root, if I will be able to say, of the onion reducing manner. Let’s start with the aid of the booklet, and with the aid of the guide, I imply literally. So it’s known as “La delicacies de Rfrence”. It is a French publication about all of the very, very traditional approaches, and despite the fact that it is not my bedside studying, I ordinarily read it like once a 12 months. You will discover in there the very predominant French procedure So let’s appear for the onion. So in actual fact, that system is the one most men and women know. I imply within the western world, at least. First, you wish to have to trim off the root.

Not an excessive amount of, however, you understand, just the dust. Split the onion in half by way of the foundation and via the pinnacle of the onion. Make a couple of vertical cuts lengthwise, then a few horizontal cuts lengthwise, and then widthwise, you do vertical cuts. So at the finish you get small pieces of onion, frequently rectangles or like square shaped. They can be higher or smaller; all of it is determined by what number of cuts you probably did vertically and horizontally.

And in this case, it’ll cook dinner much faster, however you are not going to have any texture. I perpetually do medium due to the fact… I am hopeless. I will participate in a velocity scan. And that is essentially how you’re supposed to chop an onion in restaurants or at the house and now let’s flip ourselves to the future a.Okay.A. YouTube. My proposal is to investigate if i will be able to find some other option in the market. So, I am a simple guy. Let’s take the first one. Whaaaa? I wish to be taught this manner. Let’s do it road variety. So I’m not saying I’m going to be anything almost the speed of that guy, however as a minimum I can try to toughen my procedure. The very first thing I spotted in the video is that that man is just not using a fancy knife. He is simply utilizing a protracted knife. Let me show you why. He uses the tip to restrict the onion from being cut the entire way via, and that’s… Genius. Correct. So apparently, it’s no longer that hard to grasp, however let’s not quit.

One, two, three, four, 5. Ninety measures turn. One, two, three, 4, 5. Then sideways. One, two, three, four, 5. And then the leisure. Flat, ninety measures flip, flat. This is enjoyable. Studying a new factor is at all times enjoyable. Two, three, 4, 5. And that, my pal, is my fine first stage up to now. The union continues to be retaining up, but I’ve been doing a crisscross motion hang in there, Alex. Dangle in there, Alex! I kinda get the process now, but the pace is a little more problematic. That is my last onion. I am going to participate in a space experiment, like the primary one. I just need to preserve all my knuckles and my fingers, however still I’m going to you need to be as quick as I will be able to. And highly this method, despite the fact that it appears fairly sluggish, simply went 14 seconds turbo. That is gigantic on 30 seconds. That is like a growth of the… Uh…. I suck at this… Advantages and disadvantages. Avenue sort feels a bit extra dangerous than the first one.

More difficult, bits are just a little larger. But when you are doing a sauce or if you are doing a stew, it’s not relevant. So guys, if you want to be taught that street food system, i would recommend you first perfect the French traditional method. Gain knowledge of the right way to control the knife, get your full speed, manipulate how massive you need the pieces to be. I consider it’s a exceptional begin. Then, transfer on to the road food type.

If you have any recommendations of matters I would cook dinner with, like, 5 to ten kilos of chopped onions, please let me recognize in the comments, that may be tremendous invaluable. And final, individuals, click subscribe on account that I make new videos every week, and it’s invariably about meals; it may be a vlog, just like the one I did about a French market a week in the past, or it may be, you recognize, an test like this one, learning new potential, additionally, series just like the winemaking sequence or the bread series. Keep curious, stay hungry.

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