How to Make McDonald’s Hamburgers

I’ll exhibit you the best way to make a McDonald’s historical-normal hamburger. Earlier than the 1980’s after they really grilled the burgers. In these days they certainly use a cooking approach that presses the meat on all sides without delay. They use to grill them like this, so we’ll go forward and get began.

The first thing that we’re going to do is we will make a pro salt for the burger, considering that when you are cooking beef on a grill you rather have to season it. In the event you do not add the salt and pepper at the moment, it is not going to style as good. Let’s go ahead and get began. We are going to make our professional salt, we will use two tablespoons of ordinary salt right here. I’m making use of a teaspoon so I have got to put six of these in right here. Then i am going to use two teaspoons of ground black pepper.

I’m also going to use a bit little bit of flavor enhancer called, accent. That is MSG if you’re touchy to MSG, bypass this or if you think you don’t want to revel in MSG, skip this as good. I will stick 1 / 4 teaspoon of the accent in here. It provides slightly bit of extra taste, it helps brings things out. I am simply going to stir this in and this will be our burger seasoning.

You should utilize this on something that you just like. Then I’ll simply pour it into a salt shaker and we’ll begin on out hamburger patties next. On this bowl I’ve just a little bit greater than a pound of floor chuck. I admire to make use of ground chuck for burgers, it has a little bit more of fat in there, 20 percent or so along with the meat. We’re going to take this meat and divide it into eight equal hamburger patties and we will go ahead and put this correct on the grill.

I’ve my grill set to 350 degrees, in case you do not need this that you can certainly use a skillet it should work simply satisfactory. Once more, 8 small patties these aren’t going to be very tremendous. You need to kind of make them in a circular shape the fine that you could and we’re just going to place these proper onto the grill. After we wash our palms we’re going to grab the professional salt shaker and we will go forward and give these a quality seasoning.

Even as these are cooking up, I’m going to go forward and toast among the buns on one facet of the grill. I am simply going to put them right here on the grill similar to there. This may increasingly make the buns great and tender and a bit of bit brown and we’re also going to season these on the other side. Now it’s time to go ahead and start to gather the sandwich.


So we’re going to assemble it on the bottom. We’re going to put 5 dots of ketchup down. We’ll put a couple of squirts of mustard on. We’re going to put a few teaspoons of onions on. These are options that I rehydrated, I exploit dehydrated for these. We’re going to stick on a pickle slice. I feel they just caught on one, but what i love pickles so I’d continuously ordered mine with further pickles and we’ll stick a hamburger bun on high. Alrighty, here we go we will provide these a are attempting in only a second.

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