How to Make Japanese Hibachi Style Fried Rice

The best way to Make Fried Rice – convenient Japanese Hibachi form Fried Rice Recipe hiya and welcome back to within the Kitchen with Matt, I am your host Matt Taylor, at present i will exhibit you how you can make eastern Fried Rice, this is a Hibachi variety fried rice. I had a request to make a map Hibachi variety fried rice, so here we go that’s what we are going to do. It’s quite convenient to do, simple parts, if I can do it, you are able to do it. One factor to notice, I do not possess a hibachi form grill plate, like if you happen to go to a cafe like Benihana or any style of Temppanyaki eastern restaurant, where the chef is correct there in the entrance of you, and humans are sitting round observing him prepare dinner, they’ve this colossal flat metal floor, which is virtually their grill, and that is what they make the fried rice and the entire different dishes on. I would not have that, I’m simply going to make use of a skillet, so that you can believe free to make use of a skillet at dwelling, or a wok, or anything you might have, all right, let’s get began.


First we need our rice, what I did is I have one cup of raw rice and that I made the rice in my rice cooker, after which it makes about 2 cups cooked rice, they’re about, what I did is I laid it across this pan, flattened it out, put some plastic wrap on it, and then I put this within the fridge, overnight time, the rationale why I do this, is when you consider that it dries it out, and it makes it so the individual pieces of rice, come a component particularly properly, and these clumps like this, if I didn’t do this these would be first-rate and sticky, but now they arrive a part really handy.

And it quite helps with the frying process. So what I’m going to do is I am going to transfer this, to a bowl, and ensure that each one my clumps are falling a component right here. Fried rice is the superb method to repurpose your left over rice. All proper let’s head over to the stovetop and begin cooking. Let’s go ahead take a nonstick skillet and put it on our stovetop, you could use a wok, and I’ve the warmness set to medium excessive, I’m letting my pan warmness up, it’s about there, now i am going to add, 3 Tablespoons of olive oil, we will let that oil heat up slightly bit. Let’s add one cup of peas and carrots, this is one cup whole so a half of cup of peas and a half of cup of carrots, that is only a bag, I just used a bag of frozen peas and carrots, just because it is extremely convenient, um however you can use something kind that you just like, lets go ahead and put this in there.

And now we are going to go ahead and saut this for a couple of minutes via itself, all right after about three or 4 minutes, let’s go forward and take our peas and carrots, and we are just going to move forward and slide them to the part here, out of the way in which. And now we need to prepare dinner our eggs, so what we do is we take an egg, drop it down there, take a different egg, drop it down in there, now let’s scramble these simply off the aspect here, i love mine somewhat on the dryer facet, and they’ll continue to prepare dinner as we hold including things, and this may occasionally take uh a few minutes for the eggs, ok about like that, no longer completely dry but, however now not tremendous moist. At this point i am going so as to add one half cup of green onions, and one cup of diced ham, otherwise you could use cooked chook, or pork, or beef, something you want to do, combine this together for a minute or two. I am going to add 4 cloves or garlic, which I used; I used a garlic press, otherwise you could just mince it up fairly small, once the garlic is all pleasant and combined, what we’re going to do, is we will take our rice and add our rice.

Also what I’m going to do, for somewhat extra flavor, I am going to add 2 tablespoons of butter, and then we are going to cook dinner this for a further 2 to 3 minutes. And if you are rather fancy that you would be able to take it and do a little flip like that. I’m not that fancy, could just flip the heat up just a little, you need to hear that crackling sound of the oil, and the butter, and the rice all cooking. All proper once the rice has all been jumbled together, and heated by way of, let’s go forward and add our soy sauce, I’ve two tablespoons of soy sauce here, you could add three for those who like, when you like a really robust soy sauce taste, go ahead and mix that in, I personally am more on the lighter part, with regards to soy sauce, i don’t like it super overpowering, turn up the warmth a bit extra, at this point I’ve the heat up on high, we are going to continue to prepare dinner this all together, and I am just going to cook this for approximately a further minute. All proper, it has been absolutely heated by means of, the whole lot is all satisfactory and combined, it is completed.


Take it off the heat, after which I am going to switch it to this first-class bowl. Are trying not to spill it in all places, tremendous, a style fried rice. All correct our hibachi kind as fried rice is completed, it grew to become out remarkable, it’s particularly effortless to do, go available in the market and make your possess, I’m Matt Taylor this has been a further episode of in the Kitchen with Matt, thanks for joining me, as constantly if you have any questions or comments or requests, put them down under and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can, thumbs up, down within the nook, push it, recollect to subscribe to my channel and verify out my other movies. Take care, time for me to dive into this, oh yeah, mmm, mmm, mmm. .

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