How To Make A Prison Burrito

– I’ve actually made this when I came home, and I still eat it. Maybe I get, like, a prison cave, where I have nothing in my apartment, and I’m like, I know what to do, five minutes. Hi, my name is Coss Marte, and I’m the founder and CEO of ConBody, and I served a total of six years in prison. What we’re going to be doing is a jail burrito, AKA, the spread in the west coast. So you can purchase all this in the jail commissary.

What we use and get in commissary is Doritos, Cheez-Its, some sort of Slim Jim beef stick, ramen noodle, ketchup for dressing, and mayonnaise. And if you want to get really fancy, an onion. First step is cracking open the Doritos just a little bit, so the air can come out. You don’t want to crush it super fast cause you might puncture a hole. And then you crush down the ramen. I am a trainer. I promote a lot of healthy eating, so this is not the best thing to promote, but this is what we had in prison to eat. The noodles aren’t that bad for you.

It has like seven grams of protein. But this is dangerous. We are only going to use about a half of it. Mix it all up. Then you get the Cheez-Its, same thing, crush them. This is so good. I still make this at home. Make sure you mix everything up, so when it comes out, it comes out pretty even. And then the beef stick. So you want to peel the skin out of the beef stick. You want to just pull that out. Oila. And you would just chop it up in small little bits and pieces. Got the meat in there, and now we’re going to start cutting up the onion. In prison, you could get a plastic knife. Some people work at the mess hall, and they steal plastic utensils from the officers.

Or you could use the top of a can. We used to cut out the tuna cans and use that as a knife. I’m crying. I’m putting the onions in here. The last and final step after that comes the hot water. You want to make sure you pour it slowly, and you want to create a little layer of hot water. This is hot. You want to take the noodles that are hard on the top, and push them down to the bottom. Take the top of the bag. You want to make it look like a cake. And then just hold it down, and you’ll wait. What ConBody is and what I created is a prison-style boot camp, where I lost 70 pounds in six months.

I was working out in the yard, and then I helped over 20 inmates lose over 1000 pounds combined. And from there, I came up with the idea where we could hire formerly incarcerated people to teach our fitness classes when I came home. And now we have our own gym in New York City. All right, so there’s a certain way to open this, and the reason why I made it, like, laid it backwards, was because you have a seam in these Dorito bags, where you could just cut through.

Now just open it up, just like that. And then you have your own plate, and this is what’s left, oila. At the end, you dress it up with a little bit of mayonnaise. So, it’s just like. Ketchup right on top. So now you can make your own burrito for your friends and family and maybe use what inmates teach you. It’s not that bad, right? – No, that’s not that bad. This tastes like Taco Bell. – That’s what it is.

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