How to Cook Filet Mignon Perfectly Every Time

I’m going to show you how to do the perfect filet mignon. If you’ve been to the site before, you know that I like to cook steaks. I’ve got a few up there, this one, we’re really just going to go through the key techniques, in cooking that beautiful piece of tenderloin, and I’m going to show you how to do it so it will come out wonderful every time. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Ok, let’s go ahead and get started cooking our prefect filet mignon steaks. The perfect steaks, start with the perfect buy. I picked these up at the market. You see they are nice and thick, these are probably 3 inches thick, and that allows us to get a nice crust on the outside while keeping the center nice and medium rare if that’s your preference, it’s certainly my preference.

If you want to go well done, you can, you’re going to lose a little bit of juice and flavor. You want to season both sides well with salt and pepper; with a good amount as a lot of that salt and pepper will come off in the pan. About 30 to 50% will come off in the pan. Give it a little pat like that so it stays on, adheres. We flip the sides over and get both sides, nice and evenly distributed. And while I’m doing this,

I’m letting the meat come up to room temperature, so that it’s not cold when I put it in the pan. That’s important because it will help get a nice even doneness throughout the steak. And the salt brings a little of the moisture to the surface of the steak, and that brings proteins to the top, that will help get a nice crust on the outside. So I’m going to let these sit out for about 20 minutes, then we’ll cook them off.

Ok, let’s go ahead and sear off our filet mignon. Because we’re going to make the perfect filet mignon. So I’ve got a pan here, I’m doing it inside, if you want to use the grill, even better. I’ve got a smoking hot pan, it’s really blistering hot, you can see hot it is. I’m going to lay my seasoned steak down, and give them a gentle press, and then don’t touch them. I want to get a nice even sear on that underside and you need that long direct heat, over really high heat. It’s really that simple. I’m going to let these go for about 2 and a half minutes or so, again without touching them, flipping or anything else.

And then we’re going to come back and get them out. Ok, we’ve gone about 2 and half minutes, I haven’t touched them, I guarantee you though, they are not burned. I’ve got a nice sear on that one side, we’re going to flip them over, and let them go on the other side. It’s really that simple. I’m going to go with the same amount of time on this side, I’ll show you that. And then we’re going to stick them in the oven to finish cooking. Ok it’s been another 2 and half minutes or so, I’ve got a nice sear on this side and the inside is still very rare.

So we’re going to pop it in the oven. I’m just going to add a couple sprigs of rosemary for a little bit of flavor along with about a tablespoon of butter. This is fresh butter, and again this is the perfect steak, not the healthiest for you steak. I’m going to put this in, really just another 2 minutes and then we’ll take it out and serve.

Ok, so that’s pretty much all it takes. 2 minutes in the oven. 2 minutes on one side, 2 minutes on the other side, 2 minutes in the oven and you’re essentially done. I’ve got a little of that rosemary in there, and that is flavoring my butter and my oil. So tilt the pan. You know my steaks are medium rare. I can tell by feeling them, essentially the trick is, put your thumb to index finger, and feel there, it’s nice and soft, that kind of equates to medium rare.

Go thumb to pinky, and feel there, it’s very stiff and hard, that would equate to a well done filet. My heat is off, I’ve got that melted butter with rosemary flavor, I do a few drizzles right on the steaks, this is a nice little steakhouse trick. And I’m going to remove these from the pan, put them on my plate, and it’s really important to let these rest for about 5 minutes before we serve them.

Ok, so, my steak has rested, we can lay that right down on the plate. I’ve got a little green bean that I’m serving with it, and if you’re adventurous, we’ve got that same pan we cooked the steak in, and what’s essentially down in there is some brown butter flavored with that rosemary, and just a little drizzle right over the top, will make that the most perfect filet mignon you’ve ever had.

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