Heat Up with Some Spicy Food Recipes

Do you love spicy food recipes? We all know that spicy foods can be really hot, so there are many out there who wonder what the fuss is all about. And there is data about spicy food recipes. There is a recent report that comes from Technomic which states that most consumers (54%) are saying that spicy and hot foods are now very appealing. This metric has gone up considerably from 46% in the year 2009, and that strong trend applies pretty much to every age range. Also, the NPD Group reports that 56% of United States homes have hot sauce right now in their kitchen. And it also appears that everyone, from food companies to restaurants have recently spiced up their products, from jalapeno snack bars to ghost pepper ice cream.

As it turns out, aside from energizing your taste buds, these spicy foods are apparently good for you too. A recent study is now linking spicy food consumption to longer lifespans. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences examined at the eating habits of approximately a half a million people across seven years. They discovered that those people who consumed spicy foods daily enjoyed a 14% lowered risk of death, as compared to those folks who ate spicy foods less than one time per week. This protective effect occurred in both sexes, and was actually more pronounced for people that didn’t drink alcohol. And for women, eating more spicy foods was directly linked to a lower death risk from cancer, and also heart and respiratory disease.

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A study from Purdue University revealed that spicy food recipes can help boost your metabolism. Prior studies had previously linked the consumption of red pepper in high dose tablets with the suppression of appetite and increasing the burning of calories. However, scientists said that they needed to see more data.


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