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Today, I have a sirloin with tomato sauce. This beef is already bought and cut. If you cut it, it is recommended to cut it into 2 cm squares. Put the cold water pot and cook it to the blood. Beef must be cold water pot This way, the water is heated slowly to completely push the blood out. Skimming Take the meat out and wash it. Put the beef in a slow cooker Now cut some ingredients onion diced This dish uses red onions because the onion of red onions is thicker. Tomatoes need to be peeled first.

Today we use a special method to peel the skin. Just use the fire to bake it and slowly roast it on a small fire. Look, this skin cracked open. As long as this wears down, it will come down. Roasted tomatoes taste better because they evaporate some moisture when grilled Then cut the tomato into a hob block Cut a little onion Cut a little ginger Put a little oil in the hot pot Put a little bit of cinnamon and stir fry After the spices are slowly fried through a small fire, some of the water will evaporate.

Let the fragrance to evaporate to the maximum Then pour the onion and fry it. The onion can be removed by drying to remove the spicy onion of some raw onions. Put some ketchup can not only increase the flavor of the dish but also increase the color of the dish. Make the dish look brighter Put in the cut tomato Put sugar into the salt and put some old color Pour the soup into the slow cooker after boiling Put onion slices and cooking wine Close the lid Raise the fire for 5 hours We steamed a little rice and washed the rice and put it in the rice cooker.

The amount of water is almost as high as the first joint of the index finger. The time for dinner is up. Look at this dish, the meaty and succulent soup is thick. Appetizing and refreshing With a fragrant rice is a perfect match.

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