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In these days we are going to share one more fast recipe – chicken Mayonnaise Sandwiches there’s no longer various cooking involved You just must boil the fowl and add one pinch of salt relying on the amount of sandwiches you desire to make you have got to boil the suitable amount of fowl Some people like breast hen, some like leg – that you could take any part of the chicken established in your preference and then shred the chicken into small portions For the elements. Initially, I took the bird and sandwich bread – take slices relying on how many sandwiches you desire to make.

If you want, you could reduce the sides of the bread With that I took some lettuce, mayonnaise – depending on the quantity of fowl Some toothpicks to adjust the sandwiches form falling all over the place the situation right here i have 1tsp of salt And 1/2 tbsp. Of Black pepper initially, I’ve taken a bowl and am including the shredded chicken You normally simply have to boil the chook after including 1 pinch of salt Then I’m adding the lettuce if you wish to bypass this step that you can however if you happen to do add it then it helps to enhance the flavour Add the mayonnaise depending on the feel of the blend – I’ve taken 3 tbsp.


Now we have got to combine it all together don’t forget the texture of the blend must be slightly creamy, so the sandwiches do not feel dry The blend is equipped and it must look like this I’ve taken three slices of bread to start with I put the mixture onto the bottom piece of bread And unfold it gently with a spoon which you can add as so much as you love so

Spread it properly around the slice And we will add the 2nd slice on high of that And we can add some combination on this slice as well after which we can dust it with the third slice Now we can add 2 toothpicks on the edges – for stability And I can’t reduce the sides considering that it is a sandwich bread – but which you could if you need Then you’re going to ought to cut the bread from the centre And the sandwiches are able for serving that you may provide it kids for lunch, at iftar time, with the night tea or for breakfast

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