How to Chop Onions the Right Way

So today, we’re going to question A very basic skill in the kitchen. Something that has been established for years, and yet we are here. Cut an onion is not a task A healthy cook could ask. Oh, what have I done again? Basically, I want to see if I can improve my cutting skills. … Read more

How to Barbeque Awesome Ribs

Ask ten different people of the best way to barbecue ribs, and you’ll get ten different answers. But everyone will agree on one thing: Tender, succulent, mouth-watering meat with a flavorful, caramelized crust is barbecue delight We’ll show you one simple way to prepare barbecued ribs using your gas or charcoal grill. Step One: Choose … Read more

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash 2 Different Ways

How you can make it two ways in the oven or in the microwave and I’m also going to give you some fun facts what this? Spaghetti squash is all about, let’s go see how this all comes together Because fall is here and spaghetti squash while it is available all year long It is … Read more

How to Make Crunchy Crackling on a Pork Roast

Now, I have got the number one tip that you need to make the perfect roast pork with crackling. We all know the best part of roast pork is the crackling. Let me show you how to make it. Get yourself a sharp knife and take the whole leg of pork, which I’ve got here. … Read more

How To Make A Prison Burrito

– I’ve actually made this when I came home, and I still eat it. Maybe I get, like, a prison cave, where I have nothing in my apartment, and I’m like, I know what to do, five minutes. Hi, my name is Coss Marte, and I’m the founder and CEO of ConBody, and I served … Read more

How to Make Fluffy Pancakes

This recipe makes the softest fluffiest pancakes and most if not all of the ingredients you should be able to find in your kitchen. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and whip these up for brunch this weekend. Start by measuring out a cup and half of all purpose flour into a large mixing bowl. … Read more

Chinese Stir Fry Techniques Using Pork and Chili – Stir Frying 101

Today, we wanted to take a break from our usual recipe driven videos and really zero in on stir-fry technique. We’ll show you four different ways that you can stir-fry first, a basic ingredient by ingredient stir-fry second, how you’d do the same thing only without a wok third, how you’d stir fry with all … Read more

The Biggest Screw-Ups People Make When Cooking Hot Dogs

No backyard barbecue is complete without hot dogs on the scene. There’s something distinctly satisfying about chomping into the perfect one. Turn up the heat on your hot dog game by avoiding these common mistakes. For starters, the best way to cook hot dogs is on the grill, not boiled in water. “I’ve been reusing … Read more

How To Cook Butternut Squash: 4 Ways! Mind Over Munch

Hello guys it’s that point of 12 months SQUASH time. The time of the gourds. Could the gourds be with you. Don’t let your gourd down. Butternut Squash is without doubt one of the most customary types of wintry weather squash. It is loaded with nutrients. It can be acquired vitamin A, C, E, potassium, … Read more

How To Cook Perfect Pasta Every Time

I don’t care what type of pasta you’re using, or what form of sauce you are using, these are four recommendations which might be common and more often than not quantity three is my favorite, so stick around unless the tip. Additionally, be certain you subscribe to my channel that was as quickly as my … Read more