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7 Tips That Made My Paleo Diet Plan a Great Success


paleo diet plan

A Paleo Diet Plan? Oh no, not another diet!! How many of those had I tried? And most of them didn’t seem to live up to what they promised – or maybe I didn’t follow them well enough. Either way the results were the same.

My Vicious Food Cycle

When I tried diets in the past, after a few weeks, I was back to eating the same crap food I’d always eaten. It seemed that my eating habits were driven by this terrible food cycle that I had fought most of my adult life. Perhaps you are familiar with it? Or maybe you have your own version. Here’s mine:

  • Step 1 – Craving food
  • Step 2 – Eating lots of foods I love
  • Step 3 – Feeling physically horrible because the foods weren’t healthy
  • Step 4 – Feeling emotionally horrible because I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again
  • Step 5 – RINSE and REPEAT .. over and over again

The real problem was as I got older, the intensity of my food cycle only increased.  I craved food more and more. It made me feel physically worse and worse. And I gained more and more weight.

Then I Tried Many Types of Diets

So then the dieting began, this diet and that diet – none seemed to get me out of the rut I was in with my eating. Sometimes I would enjoy some short term success, but for me, most of these diets only created an intense craving within me.

So when I jumped off the wagon and quit the diet, I ate MORE because the cravings had gotten so intense and overwhelming. So in the end, I often gained more weight .. that really sucked.

I Needed Two Things From A Diet Plan

I finally realized that my diet needed to give me two things if I were to have any success of losing weight and becoming healthy again:

Eliminate Cravings – My meals had to have a good balance because I’d learned that being deprived of certain foods did not work for me. It only created horrible cravings that I could not seem to control after a while.

Great Tasting Food – My diet plan had to give me that I loved because I LOVE FOOD. Most of us who are fighting weight problems have that in common, we love to eat. Therefore, the food I eat must be satisfying. This was not an option.

A New Dieting Approach

One evening, I was at a dinner party and met this interesting lady. She was beautiful and had a healthy glow to her. Her demeanor stood out above everything else – and she was in great physical condition.

After meeting her, I learned that was 10 years OLDER than me!! I couldn’t believe it!!

She was also very knowledgeable about food. What really surprised me was that the tastiest dish at the party was her dish. As I talked to her about it, I commented that I loved her dish but didn’t want to eat too much because of my weight.

To this, she replied, “Oh no, Katy. You can eat as much of that as you want. It won’t hurt your weight.”

I found out that she had been on the Paleo diet plan for several years. She had experienced no cravings, there were no short term eating plans, and best of all – the meals were delicious!

Learning More About Paleo

I went home and began researching more and more about the Paleo diet plan. I’d heard of it, but for some reason, had never had the interest of finding out more – until now.

I learned that it was based on how we humans ate thousands of years ago when we were hunters and gathers. This is our “natural” way of eating. The diet focuses on lean meats, veggies, nuts, berries, and so forth.

The more I read, the more I was convinced to give it a try. At a glance, it seemed to be the very thing that I was looking for. I noticed that the plan encourages the consumption of natural fats – which helps take away cravings and makes your food more satisfying.

When I read that – I was ALL IN!!

About 3 months later, I had dropped 32 pounds … and as they say, the rest is history

So Here Are My 7 Tips that Made My Paleo Diet a Success

1 – Have a “Go To” Food – After you learn what foods you should eat on the Paleo diet, pick one of those foods that you absolutely love. This is your comfort food that you will eat most often.

For me, I loved cauliflower rice. I would grind cauliflower in my food processor and keep it in zip lock bags in my fridge. When I needed one, I would put a bag in my microwave for about 3-4 minutes (open the bag a little for venting, of course). I would put sauces or butter over it in a bowl, sometimes I would put meats and veggies in there, or sometimes I would stir fry the cauliflower rice with eggs and peas and carrots in a skillet.

2 – Plan Your Meals Every Week and Retain Those Weekly Plans – Any diet should work from a solid weekly plan. And those plans need to be prepared ahead of time. I always make my meal plan on Saturday and then make my grocery list on Sunday.

I encourage you to keep all your weekly plans because there will be times when life gets in the way and it’s hard sometimes to sit down and make a fresh meal plan. This is when you look back over previous meal plans and select the meals you liked before. This has saved my butt many times – otherwise, you will not stick to the diet that week – trust me on this.

3 – Add a New Recipe or Two Every Week – This tip is very important. You will need to keep a variety of new dishes coming through your kitchen. We humans do have a habit of getting bored at times and we need different things in our lives to spice things up. This is especially true with our food.

4 – Don’t Try to be Perfect – The Paleo Diet is not a diet that requires overthinking. You don’t need the precision of counting calories or points. Just try to stay within the general guidelines. Yes, you will occasionally eat something that is questionable. Don’t worry about it and just keep doing your best.

You will discover that over time, you will naturally begin to exert better and better control over what you eat. And you will become more and more selective – that’s another bonus you get down the road!

5 – Find a Paleo Snack That Will Substitute Your Favorite Snack – As we discussed in tip 1, you also need a “go to” snack as well for the same reasons. You need to enjoy your foods and your snacks. For this reason, find that Paleo snack that you love and keep plenty of it around.

For me, my “go to” snack was simply splitting a banana and spreading almond butter over it. If you try this, then you will discover that spreading almond butter over a banana is not a terribly easy to do – you have to “gob it” on there.

6 – Expect a Setback or Two – This is expected. There are a few people who religiously stick to the plan, but most of us will wonder off the path occasionally. This happens, so don’t worry about it – just get back on the path and do your best. It sort of goes back to what we said in top 4 – nobody’s perfect!

7 – When Dining Out, Get as Close as You Can and Don’t Worry about it – All of us will have to face being out and eating at restaurants, or office parties, picnics, etc. You reach a point where you instinctively know what types of food are available to you, but often times, there will be dishes that have something about them that do not comply to Paleo guidelines. Just get as close as you can.

Trying a Paleo Diet Plan

If you are interested, I have reviewed a very popular Paleo Diet Plan. Click on the link below if you would like to learn more:

>>>> READ MORE about this PALEO DIET PLAN <<<<

I hope that you decide to make the Paleo Diet plan your choice. I can tell you that it has been a Godsend for me. I cannot recommend it enough – because it has so much flexibility and offers a ton of great food.

I truly believe it was become the prominent eating lifestyle in our nation. Thanks for reading!

Best Weight Loss Programs for Women


Our programs aren’t crash diets, like so many books promote we aren’t only interested in enabling you to drop the weight in the very first location, but also assisting you maintain your weight reduction. Weight loss programs generally follow two sorts of strategies to secure you lose weight. There’ll remain new weight reduction programs coming out, and therefore you don’t need to be worried about having nothing to pick from if it doesn’t get the job done. Finding the best weight loss programs for women is what we are after today.

Life After Best Weight Loss Programs for Women

Ladies come across unique struggles in the journey to shed more pounds, and that’s the reason why it’s important to locate a regimen that will serve your needs. Many women don’t lift weights due to the fact that they fret about bulking up. Between the two, they gain an average of 10 pounds around menopause.

The Little-Known Secrets to Best Weight Loss Programs for Women

You can remain on the diet for so long as you want, based on your weight reduction objective. It can be endlessly frustrating to carefully control your diet plan, and get lots of exercise, but still get weight or not be able slim down. It’s not a restrictive diet program and can be safely followed by women and men of all ages.

best weight loss programs for womenThere is a multitude of strategies to drop lots of weight fast. It is easy to slim down despite truly being a workaholic by utilizing these healthful food delivery services if you select the most suitable service. If you prefer to shed weight, creating a change to your diet is most certainly the most essential thing you can do. Slimming down necessitates discipline, which means that you need to have a really good diet program and workout regime.

People frequently adopt a number of these programs since they feel like they require a strict nutritional reset. When you’re searching for a weight reduction program, it’s a good idea to search for one that will fulfill your requirements and set you up for long-term success. Because of this, different weight reduction programs are going to be better for different men and women.

Not simply to make you stronger and more fit, yet to remember to keep shedding weight. It’s mainly for women who, ya know, wish to slim down. It is not likely you gained weight simply because you like food. It is very difficult to get weight by just eating bad food. You will slim down even when you don’t exercise with each one of these services provided that you eat only the allotted food during the day. You may thus lessen your weight at this program with certain advantages. It gets quite tough to slim down at this age but it’s not as hard as you believe.

Being a real woman over age 50, you might wonder whether there are any simple ways to shed weight without burning yourself out. Individuals are always concerned with losing weight fast, minus the perfect mixture of tools, it can be difficult to find those results. The best method to slim down is to modify your eating habits. It’s among the most well-supported procedures to shed weight quickly (if you’re able to manage the cravings!) Slimming down might seem to be an unachievable feat, but the earlier you begin, the better.

The Hidden Gem of Fast Metabolism Diet


On the speedy Metabolism Diet, it’s about the food. What I didn’t see is that if you eat naughty foods for a length period of time, it’s really hard to get back on course. I would undoubtedly advise this diet to individuals who want to get rid of the weight in a wholesome way, but would like to find results fast.

Overall, if you prefer to try out this diet, you can simply read the book, stick as closely as possible to the simple formula, plan ahead, and you need to be effective in following the program. I am quite disappointed and I believe this diet is not functioning. Even thought it’s known as a diet I truly believe this is a huge first step into a much healthier lifestyle. Althoughthe diet to accelerate metabolism encourages food consumption, this however, does not provide you with the justification to consume huge portions of food.

A quick metabolism diet isn’t really what I will need, but what many others will need to grow their weight reduction rate. Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of the speedy Metabolism Diet without a gallbladder. There was not any way I could stick to The quick Metabolism Diet on the street or while laid up in bed. The speedy Metabolism Diet isn’t difficult to follow. We want to introduce the speedy Metabolism Diet to you by making a number of the healthy meals you’re able to see in the book. So, be sure your everyday metabolism diet starts with a healthful and balanced breakfast. TheFast Metabolism Diet is among these.

fast metabolism diet

To detoxify your entire body and your skin, that is the most significant organ of your entire body, you must eat clean. By eating the most suitable foods accepted by the diet each and every day, it can aid your body achieve the perfect rate of metabolism to lose weight quickly. You should find some exercise too. Exercise can help to increase the metabolism and circulation to knock out those toxins. You’ve got a metabolism as you are alive, and life demands energy. Metabolism plays an essential role, for example I have an extremely fast metabolism that makes it hard for me to get weight, so without exception I must find alternative strategies to overcome this limit. Be sure your fast metabolism diet contains a sufficient quantity of protein.

Consider your metabolism for an automobile engine. Also, receive a copy of The speedy Metabolism Diet Cookbook for a lot more recipes. Incorporate selected foods into your diet plan, dependent on your physique. All through the ability of authentic food!

There are far more choices, but this is precisely what I opted to be sure it stays simple. The whole notion of a detox diet is to keep on a wholesome diet afterwards too. It might do the job for you too! And they will need to modify now. A number of you even have an opportunity to win a duplicate of the quick Metabolism Diet book, so be sure to take a look at our next posts! It is an exact safe and productive method to feel GREAT as you drop some weight!

In addition, by switching up what you’re eating every couple of days you will get to relish a larger selection of foods, which means that your palate won’t ever feel bored or deprived. Without it, we’d all have to eat every 2 hours or we’d die. Should you be a carbohydrate type you may see that you are not as good on today. You wouldn’t need to eat it all the very first moment. It’s well-known that breakfast has become the most significant meal of the day. Eating the incorrect thing for breakfast can cause you to be cranky later on. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to eat an excessive amount of broccoli.

The superior protein and higher natural fat days are extremely paleo friendly with a couple modifications. For me, learning moderation proved to be a major thing in doing the diet plan. It’s simple to binge on the lousy stuff.

Who Else Wants to Learn About Fast Metabolism Diet?

Good luck attempting to eat the equivalent quantity of broccoli within a moment. Most important, I will become your cheerleader letting you get to your objective. That way you should lose about four or five pounds of weight and facilitate the digestive procedure. In The quick Metabolism Diet, I explain the method by which the gallbladder emulsifies fat. In addition, I have clients who tried every form of diet without success but who could slim down with the quick Metabolism Diet. The superior protein days, I’m supposed to have 4 egg whites just for breakfast, which is tough to cook with no fat in any respect in the pan, even supposing it’s non stick. There’s much more in the book.

Healthy Chicken Recipes Are the Best


If you’re wanting to see immediate results in how you feel as a result of what you eat, then healthy chicken recipes are your answer. In fact, I recommend that you consume only chicken as your preferred meat for a prolong period of time.

There are many reasons to embrace chicken as your primary protein. To begin with, it is a great source of protein. Secondly, it is a low fat source of protein. And thirdly, because the animal fat content is so low, then your cholestorol will go down, too. My cholestorol dropped over 100 points in less than a year when I switched only to chicken. And chicken does a nice job of boosting your metabolism too.

But the best news of all is that chicken is unbelieavably tasty. In my opinion, it is far more versatile than beef or pork ever was. Whatever you do with beef, you can pretty much do the the same with chicken – from burgers to chili to spaghetti sauce. I think chicken dishes taste much cleaner too. And you’ll find that when you get used to eating cleaning food, the old heavy, greasy, artery clogging foods that aren’t that great anymore.

Here are a few nice healthy chicken recipes that I came across that are great. Hope you enjoy.

Delicious chicken & peanut stir fry – recipe | IOL – Who doesn’t love a hearty stir fry filled with delicious goodness? Thanks to Jenny Kay the whole family can now relish in a flavoursome offering of stir fry, guaranteed to satisfy all food critics around the table. This recipe will teach you how to prepare mouth-watering chicken & peanut stir fry.

bustle.com17 Fall Crock Pot Recipes That Are Easy & Totally On Point – When fall foods start to hit the grocery store shelves, my dinner game gets pretty imaginative. I mean, there’s nothing more inspiring than a well-concocted fall feast — I mean, entire holidays are created out of the bounties of the autumn harvest. However, I can’t always spend the whole afternoon prepping a glorious meal for dinner since I’m a busy adult human — but thankfully, there are ways around that. For instance: These Crock-Pot recipes for fall pretty much do the work for me while I’m out bringing home the bacon, so to speak.

Try This Carrot Cider Baked Chicken Recipe Today!  – No one besides the chef can ever figure out the secret ingredient in this dish. It’s carrot juice as the title gives away, of course, but you don’t need to tell! The subtle sweetness of the carrot juice and cider combines with the rich taste of the dark beer and the fresh grated ginger and makes this sauce outrageously delicious!!Enjoy to your heart’s content, literally!

5 Chicken Soup Crockpot Recipes | The Nosher – My Jewish Learning – Is there anything more satisfying or comforting than a hearty, homemade bowl of chicken soup? Well yes, and it’s when your chicken soup was made in a crockpot and you didn’t have to do any of the hard work. So sit back and relax, forget slaving over a hot stove and set your slow cooker for one of these delicious chicken soup recipes.

Delicious cilantro & lime marinated chicken breast salad – recipe – This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, cost effective and uses seasonal ingredients. It’s summertime and the living is easy with this delicious chenin paired cilantro and lime chicken breast salad from TV personality and well-known chef, Mynhardt Joubert.

Joe Wicks’ healthy chicken salad with lemon pesto recipe – A quick and easy salad that’s great eaten cold so is perfect for taking to work. JOE Wicks is giving Sun readers an exclusive look at his new recipes and fave exercises to celebrate the upcoming release of his third book Lean in 15: The Sustain Plan. On workout days you must choose one post-workout, carbohydrate re-fuel meal, two reduced-carbohydrate meals and two snacks. If you complete a workout in the morning, opt for a high-carb breakfast. If you sweat through exercise after work, choose a high-carb meal for dinner.

A quick and easy chicken recipe to make at home – The recipe calls for chicken supremes which is a restaurant style cut of chicken; it is the breast with the skin on and all bone removed except the drummette of the wing. You could substitute boneless skin on breasts or even boneless skinless breasts. My personal taste is for the skin on; the meat will stay moister with the skin on (you can discard the skin or feed it Mikey). I have also found that the skin on air-chilled chicken has more flavour.

Recipe: Quick chicken pho – California Cookbook – Pho noodle soup has been around for over 100 years. It’s iconic to people who identify with it as Vietnam’s national food, but for those who’ve recently tried the steamy bowls of rice noodles, thinly sliced meat, and gently spiced. Peel then slice the ginger into 4 or 5 coins. Smack with the flat side of a knife or meat mallet and set aside. Thinly slice the green parts of the green onion to yield 2 to 3 tablespoons, and set aside to use as a garnish. Cut the leftover sections into 2- to 3-inch lengths, bruise, then add to the ginger.

Donna Hay Quick Butterflied Roast Chicken  – Welcome to BAZAAR’s Recipe Residency! Each month, an inspiring foodie will be delivering meal ideas and recipes to kick start your culinary week. This month we have the authority on fresh and delicious food, Donna Hay.

Crispy, tasty chicken and cauliflower a crowd pleaser – Week two of our cooking adventure at McClure Elementary was very exciting!  We met our My Daughter’s Kitchen volunteer, Ms. Lilly, who answered some questions about her job at the Reading Terminal Market.  We also met our food service worker, Ms. Williams, who answered some questions about her past a a restaurant owner.  When we got down to cooking every student was excited to show off their new knife skills that they learned last week.  Briannalyss Santiago and Karen Godinez did a great job cutting apart the cauliflower into beautiful florets.  While they worked together on this Jasir Rosa and Adeline Perez were excited to get their hands messy by tossing the chicken drumsticks in the herbs and spices they prepared.

Hope you enjoy these healthy chicken recipes soon 😉




Selecting the Proper Healthy Eating Plan


There’s an old saying that you become what you eat. It only takes a day or two of observing various people to realize that this adage is right on the money. The state of our bodies and our health status is a direct result of what we eat.

After considering such an evaluation and actually seeing it occur in our everyday lives, doesn’t it just make sense to adjust our diet plans to serve us better? Why not begin eating meals and foods that support a healthy life and keep us at the top of our game? When thinking about eating plans, I began to scout around and found some different eating plans that may be of great interest to those of you out there.


healthy eating planEating plan claims to shut down cravings, boost metabolism | Sun Journal  – The weight-loss industry has long been saturated with gimmicky, too-good-to-be-true diets, so one could be excused for thinking the main benefit of “Eat Fat, Get Thin” is to burn calories by causing particularly vigorous eye-rolling.

Actually, the answer is a big, fat no, at least according to Mark Hyman, director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and the man behind the “Eat Fat, Get Thin” plan. He is also, apropos of this moment, a key medical adviser to Hillary and Bill Clinton, but in a recent phone interview, I found him as silent on that topic (citing potential HIPAA violations) as he was expansive on the benefits of healthy fats.


7 healthy eating tips to make sure you feel great in that LBD this Christmas – Independent.ie   – Welcome to the weight-loss food plan for our LBD challenge. I will be advising on your meals for the next six weeks in order to complement Siobhan’s exercise plan and give you the best chance at getting in shape. Here are your food rules to get you started

Unsurprisingly, increasing the amount of fruits and non-starchy vegetables that you eat was shown to help with weight loss. A study followed the dietary habits and weight changes of over 100,000 people for up to 24 years. They showed that for each extra daily serving of vegetables and fruit you eat, you’ll lose a half to a quarter of a pound respectively over a four-year period.

Meal prep: Planning can help maintain a healthy diet  – HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) – Maintaining a healthy diet can sometimes be challenging, but health experts are recommending an easier way to prepare your meals. Imagine having your breakfast and lunches already prepared for the week ahead. Well, that’s what personal wellness coach, Lisa Liimatta, and her clients do.

It’s called “meal prep” and Liimatta said it’s a trending way to stay fit. Meal prepping is having you meals cooked, kept in the fridge and available as soon as you’re ready to eat.


The healthy daily meal plan that EVERYONE should be eating: Nutritional guru loved by Sam Smith and Victoria Beckham shares her secrets | Daily Mail Online  –  The nutritional therapist, who penned healthy eating bible Cook. Nourish.Glow and is getting set to release a new book, has shared what she deems to be the healthiest daily diet.

Amelia says that when she plans her daily meals, she starts by focusing on the vegetables – even at breakfast – then she ensures that she adds in a portion of protein and some healthy fats. Here, she shares her daily meal plan….


It is recommended that we try a few of these healthy eating plans and evaluate the effect after about 3 weeks. It is most likely that we will enjoy the results immensely. There is no doubt that our bodies will enjoy the outcome very much.


Healthy Cooking and Its Benefits


Do you engage in healthy cooking? It seems that many of us get so involved in how our foods taste that we tend to ignore the health factor. We focus too much on the food selection process while ignoring the way our foods are cooked.

The facts are that the cooking process changes virtually all the food’s element with the exception of fat, and so for that reason, we should learn what those changes are and how they affect our overall dietary intake. This is the true essence of healthy cooking.

Learning More About Healthy Cooking

healthy cookingThus, if you really desire to learn to prepare and cook healthy recipes, then you’ll need to learn the right processes required for those recipes to truly capture all the health benefits. The sad fact is that many times healthy recipes are improperly cooked and even prepared wrong which results in the missing out of the real health benefits that you are seeking for you and your family. The cooking process affects the final product in terms of health and nutrition much more than people think. Therefore, wouldn’t it be a shame to lose out in the end after all your hard work and preparation? Absolutely it would!

When cooking is defined in the dictionary, we see that it is described as food preparation by means of applying heat in various ways. And those ways encompass methods like baking, roasting, broiling, simmering, boiling, steaming, frying, and stewing. You really need to identify the healthy cooking methods best suited for you and your family:

Roasting – This is a method that allows you to cook foods in their own juices. Often times, roasting is performing on an open fire. We can include grilling in this group as it too employs radiant heat in the cooking process. In many instances should the food be too large or even compact, we recommend that roasting be used if possible.

The principle of radiation heat directly works at the food’s surface and then the heat move inwards ensuring the food is cooked completely and properly. As the radiation heat applies a sear on the food’s surface, this entraps the food’s juices and doesn’t permit them to escape. What happens then is that the food cooks in its own juices. In order to achieve complete and even cooking, the food needs to be turned periodically during roasting.

Baking – This cooking method is where foods are cooked in the dry heat provided by an oven where the heating area is closed most of the time. When you use this cooking style, then you should ensure that the food you are baking either contains a lot of natural moisture, or that you apply moisture to it in terms of water or sauces so that the food doesn’t burn or dry out in the closed area of your oven. This is simply due to the existence of hot and dry air found in most ovens which remove moisture from foods. Therefore, whenever you bake foods in your oven, you need to take care that it doesn’t get burnt up during the process.

Boiling – This is a very popular method of cooking which usually starts with the boiling of water as a basis in which the food is cooked. When water boils, small bubbles of air are created and are formed at the bottom of the boiling pot when the water gets hotter. These water bubbles contain very hot air and start rising. Over time, more and more bubbles are created and then the water boils rapidly.

The thing that people don’t realize about boiling, is that when you boil food quickly, you will not get your food cooked faster – rather you will only apply more damage to the food particles in the boiling water Thus, when you steam or boil your food too fast, you only waste energy just to get food that is less tasty in the end. The process of boiling just about always employs water, but you will find a few cases where other liquids can be used such as broth or even milk in some cases. It is the starchy foods like pasta and rice that is most suitable for boiling. When boiling these foods, it makes the overall recipe healthier and nutritious.

Should you use milk for your boiling medium, you should keep in mind that milk is much more dense than water and will generate less steam and fewer bubbles. In spite of this, it is surprising to learn that milk actually will boil faster than water will. Thus, be careful when boiling milk.

Stewing – The stewing method is a very popular one that is often used in the healthy cooking kitchen to cook healthy recipes. This process is characterized by the way that foods are cooked in liquids which are maintained slightly under the boiling point of that liquid. Lots of people confuse stewing with the process of simmering. Simmering is where the foods are cooked at the boiling point.

An elegant way of achieving a solid stewing process is to use double boilers. This is where two vessels are used. The outer vessel contains a boiling liquid while the inner vessel is maintained just below the boiling point. This system will ensure that the inner vessel liquid is properly maintained to achieve quality stewing.

Steaming – This process is often used in the healthy cooking kitchen. It merely uses heat from steam to cook foods. There’s many different ways that you can employ steam in the cooking process. A very popular and common way to steam is by putting foods in a vessel which contains holes which allow steam from boiling water underneath the vessel to pass through the food.

Steaming is best suited for items like vegetables that already contain lots of natural water. It is also a good way to ensure that nutrients are not cooked out of the food.

Frying – As most of us already know, frying is not the best method for preparing food in a health conscious kitchen. The main reason is because fried foods are typically cooked in hot fats. The thing with fats is that they are hard to digest and it clogs our arteries, and health people should not use this process with unhealthy fats. In order to fry foods, you must heat a large amount of fat and get it to a very high temperature.

Using the Healthiest Ways To Cook

healthy foodsFoods are then submerged in these hot oils and left there until completely cooked. Even though cooks will drain off the excess fat from these foods, there is still a huge amount entrapped in the food from the frying process.

All these cooking methods can be used in to prepare healthy recipes with the exception of frying. Of course, you have to use each of these methods properly. Healthy cooking really depends on understanding how these processes actually affect the foods used.

Keeping Health Foods in their Healthiest State

One of the things that we must keep in the back of our minds while trying to become healthy cooks is what the food itself offers us in terms of general nutrition and vitamins. The fact of the matter is that it most cases, a particular food comes into our kitchen in its highest form of nutrition. In other words, whatever we decide to do to it will most likely diminish the nutritional benefits it has to offer us – unless, of course we decide to eat it raw.

Obviously we can pull this off whenever we refer to vegetables or even most processed foods, but we all know that processed food shouldn’t really been in a healthy cooking kitchen in the first place. Processed foods are something we are trying to stay away from – it some cases, we cannot do it entirely though.

But in the case of raw vegetables, we can always prepare a fresh salad and then further enhance its nutritional state by adding a nice salad dressing which has an olive oil base. Of course, there are many hard core health nuts out there who will argue that we diminished the nutrition of our veggies whenever we decided to peel them for the salad. And when you think about it, it is really hard to dispute that fact.

In the end, we realize that eating, and also healthy eating, is something that need to be enjoyed and done with pleasure – even healthy cooking and eating should be. This is why we ought to stay abreast of the best ways to prepare foods that can find the proper balance between nutrition and flavor. If nutrition is all you want, then you should probably use something like a Vita Mix and liquefy the most nutritional foods without any concern for tasted and pleasure. Most of us probably know of someone like that.

Using Natural Liquids From the Foods

healthy recipesThis is probably the best kept secret among many skilled cooks and chefs. The most flavorful way to maintain a healthy food in its most nutritious state is by using its own juices.

I remember many years ago when camping out with some close friends. I had brought along some flank steak that had been in my freezer for a long time. There was quite a bit of it, and my thoughts were to use it in perhaps a soup or a pot of stew that all of us could share.

One of my friends named Bill insisted to prepare the steak straight up and serve it along with some roasted vegetables – like perhaps potatoes and carrots.

“But isn’t the meat too tough?” I replied to that idea. “Wouldn’t this be better suited for a stew?”

“Not necessarily,” said Bill. “Let’s give it a little seasoning and let it slow simmer for a couple of hours – with just a dab of vegetable oil.”

That’s exactly what we did and it was marvelous!! And tender too!! What Bill had taught me is that you can never go wrong by cooking foods in their own juices – especially meats. However, over the years, I have applied that to all sorts of foods.

What is the natural liquid of veggies? The answer is water of course. I love slow simmering vegetables in a pan along with a little butter. This works great if you have a main course that takes some time to prepare. You can slow simmer some veggies to go along with them. And the great thing is that you can time the side dishes to be ready as the main course finishes up – what could be better than that?

As we can see, using a food’s natural juices to cook it in is great for favor, but it is also a staple in healthy cooking too. Think about it – aren’t we going a long way toward maintaining the original nutrition of a food when we utilize this healthy cooking trick? Of course we are.

I encourage you to do as I have done over the years in your healthy kitchen, discover your own ways of cooking healthy foods in their own juices. You will find that they are the most flavorful things you have ever eaten and you will feel great as a result – what could be better than that?


As you can see, healthy cooking does not have to be something that is painful which causes you to miss out on things you and your family loves. The irony is that when you begin practicing eating healthy foods, you will discover that they have more flavor and they are more satisfying.

Oh sure – all of us love to enjoy chocolate and ice cream occasionally, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. Healthy cooking and eating the right foods does not mean you have to give all that up – it just means to keep it in moderation. Why begin eating healthy and do it for two months? Try out this test for yourself – see how you look and feel after two month – my guess is you will never go back.