Baking Strawberry Cookies

I will make an ideal easy but delicious cookie. This cookie is strawberry taste and so just right that I cannot discontinue eating. First, soften the butter in the oven at fermentation temperature for a little while. Take it out when it is a little bit melting. Stir it with a spatula, make sure the texture is smooth. The melting ingredients will quickly get hard in winter. Beat it on excessive velocity. Add powdered sugar and beat unless fluffy.

Sift the almond powder. Dump in the final bit. Mix with spatula. Sift in half of the cake flour. Mix. Sift in all the flour and strawberry powder. Cocoa powder is fine. Please select unsweetend and no adding starch strawberry powder. Last, just knead by hand. Knead fully. Wrap up and put in fridge for no less than 2 hours. Let butter and powder utterly built-in. After chilling, roll it out. Divide. Each and every piece weigh about 6 to 7 grams. And roll it into a ball. It’s going to just slot in a 30 * forty or baking sheet. 170C /338F quarter-hour Let cool. This one is touched when getting out of the oven. It is fragile when sizzling and steady when chilled. As friable as a cookie, excellent. Coating with some strawberry powder and powdered sugar. Shake it. Making use of cocoa powder, it is going to be zangzang cookie. Using almond powder as an alternative of strawberry powder, it’s going to be originated flvor. Thank you for watching! Please, subscribe in case you like my video. .

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