Bacon and Eggs Pan Pie

Today we are going to do the bacon egg pan pie It’s very simple to do. We got a few pounds of bacon Then grilled them Because we need them for this dish Maybe 1 hour and 2 hours About 250 to 265 °F (121-129 ° C) Ok Bacon has been smoked Next, what do you need for this dish? You need some cheese You need some potato chips One or two dozen eggs Like a few pounds of bacon I said Some onions We also prepared maple syrup

Ok Let’s get started Like I said We have made bacon in advance Not crisp but soft Just like this, you can roll it up Probably cooked 3/4 Maybe more familiar The next thing to do is to take a few Then roll up like this If you haven’t tried the bacon egg pan pie You really have to give it a try. This is a great breakfast Or a great dinner. Bacon and egg protein It’s a Guuud! Ok, let’s see what to do. Take your bacon and roll it up Maybe a few more You can use your talents to come up with new ideas in this area.

Of course, this is pork belly bacon. Must use pork belly bacon Right You know everything. Roll up in the same way Add another Then put them in a black iron pot This is a 12 inch black iron pot Wow man Looks like a more beautiful rose, right? Next we used almost 2.5 pounds of bacon more or less This is what the pot looks like.

Next, add some vegetable oil to the vegetarian madman. If you do this, the egg won’t stick. Like I said, this dish still needs some onions. Then chop it It should be a big onion Next, put the eggs in the pot. Egg yolk facing up Oh man You still need a lot of eggs Like I said, you need a dozen dozen eggs.