5 desserts we are madly craving for after looking at this latest picture of Taimur Ali Khan


5 desserts we are madly craving for after looking at this latest picture of Taimur Ali Khan

Is it just us or even you guys lose control over your senses the moment you see a picture of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s baby Taimur Ali Khan? I mean, just look at him! While Kareena calls him “the most gorgeous baby on this side of the equator”. We instead feel he is like this most delicious looking cup cake or ice cream or macron or whatever you have a sweet tooth for. No seriously! Check out his cheeks to that Bebo-like pout face from this latest pic and tell me if you don’t feel the sugar rush. In case you are wondering where is this pic coming from, then let me tell you this was clicked last evening when the little Nawab stepped out wearing a cool-sy yellow tee and red pants to chill at his mom’s bestie Amrita Arora’s house.  Like it obviously was nothing but just another day in the cutie’s life. But blame it on our obsessive love for Taimur, all that we could think of after looking at this pic is a menu full of desserts. Also read: It’s not a good morning until you see these irresistibly cute pics of Kareena’s baby Taimur!

You have seen Ranveer Singh being compared to cupcakes. Now get ready to slurp over these pictures of Taimur looking as yummilicious as a cupcake, ice cream and everything that you crave for. PS: In case you are on a no-sugar diet then you are going to have a really tough time scrolling down….

Taimur as a macaroon


Taimur as gummy bear


Taimur as a cupcake


Taimur as a lollipop


Taimur as an ice-cream


If this is the case with us, then imagine how mommy Kareena must be dealing with Taimur’s irresistible cuteness every single day. No wonder she recently went on to confess, “Taimur is always chilled out. He is so gorgeous. The only thing he doesn’t like about me is that I kiss him about 20,000 times a day. And he keeps pushing me off. Saif says why are you doing this. But I always feel like hugging him.”

All said and done, I think we have treated your sweet tooth pretty well for the day! Do come back to BollywoodLife for more such mouth-watering updates!


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