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We’ve got 3 energy boosting snack recipes to get you through the longer summer days.

Georgie and Jo, a Chef and Nutritional Therapist, are the duo behind the Cooking Them Healthy blog who are always looking to cook healthy, nutritious and delicious meals for their families.

These recipes contain key nutrients for energy, such as B vitamins (found in oats, eggs and whole grains), iron and good quality protein.

Easy energy granola bars

These instant energy boosters are packed with blood-sugar balancing proteins from the nuts and seed, as well as fibre from the dried fruits, which act as natural sweeteners. As these don’t contain any refined sugars, they will help avoid that energy slump that comes from so many sweet treats.

Find the recipe here.

Peanut butter balls

These fudgey snacks are high in protein from the peanut butter and B vitamins from the oats. The dark chocolate chunks have valuable antioxidant levels to help boost the immune system.

And the best thing about them is that they last for weeks, even though they only take minutes to make!

Find the recipe here.

Oat & raisin goodness cookies

Loaded with oats, orange zest and banana, these oat & raisin cookies taste too good to be healthy!

Give these easy and healthy snacks a go – they’re great for both adults and kids.

Find the recipe here.

For more healthy, nutritious and family-friendly recipes, check out www.cookingthemhealthy.com.


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